Monday, October 13, 2008

La famille Gorry?

My sister received a Facebook friend request over the weekend from someone she didn't know but perhaps should, a girl named Alice Gorry. I know there are other Gorrys out there, but the name is no Smith or Jones - I have never met a Gorry I'm not related to. The more intriguing thing to me, besides the fact this 15 year old girl probably did a friend search for people with the name "Gorry," which is a brilliant idea, is that she is French. She lives in France. What?!? I've heard of American Gorrys and Australian Gorrys and Scottish Gorrys, but never French Gorrys. So now I'm wondering what kind of possible question there could be. Does this girl know where her grandparents or even great-grandparents are from? My sister laughed and said that requesting her as a friend was probably one of the dumbest things this girl has ever done, because now she's going to have me badgering her with genealogical questions. My sister is definitely not wrong...

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