Monday, July 12, 2010

Raynors, Raynors, everywhere...

You can't get away from those Raynors or any of those pesky Hempstead founding families anywhere on Long Island, it seems. Last Friday I had to go to Riverhead for work. Riverhead is a good 60 miles east of the Hempstead Plains, where the families originally settled, and even a good almost 20 miles west of Southampton, where many of those founding families ended up. Yet, I was walking around town following my assignment and suddenly found myself on Ackerley Street. Followed by a Hallett Street. And a Duryea Street. The same good old names you find over and over again here. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. Anyway, there was also, of course, a Raynor Street. I tried to find it but my GPS wasn't working and it was too hot to go wandering around for long looking for it. I was disappointed, since I wanted to take a picture that I could post in this blog, but the fact remains, on Long Island, you can find Raynors or evidence of Raynors just about everywhere.

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