Thursday, August 25, 2011

A difficult research decision made... so long, but not goodbye, to my Ancestry account

I recently let my subscription run out. This is the first time in easily four years that I don't have access to any of their records. Considering everything that Ancestry makes available to you, their prices (either a yearly, quarterly, or monthly subscription - I was paying monthly) are actually pretty reasonable. But at the moment I'm saving up to pay off some of my credit card debt and to be able to afford to move out, so every penny I can put toward that counts.

I'm not used to not being able to check their records collections whenever the impulse comes, although I have to admit that at the moment, I've sort of exhausted all their available records. My tree is still there, which I'm glad about - that would have been frustrating to recreate, even with the same exact tree saved to my family tree program on my laptop. So right now, I feel like I can afford to take a break from the website. But all of these family history research websites, whether it be Ancestry or FamilyLink or Archives or whatever, are constantly updating and adding to their databases. So even if their databases aren't helpful to my research at the moment, I might discover in the future a new family member or line to look up in their existing records, or I can wait to see what new collections become available - probably of most important note, the 1940 U.S. Census next April. I believe family historians shouldn't rely entirely on these genealogy research websites, but I really believe most if not all of these websites are invaluable genealogy tools in our research arsenals. :)

So it's not goodbye to my Ancestry account - just "until we meet again!"


  1. I am at the same point. I don't really find anything new at Ancestry so it isn't worth my money right now (although I paid for a year so I'm staying!) I don't know if I will get another year when my contract is up. If it is only a once-in-a-while resource I can get it for free from the library. I think you're the time you are ready to re-up there will probably be more relevant sources to look through.

  2. I think all of us who have been doing this for years eventually reach this point, Heather, right? And you bring up a good point, too - my cousin April is always telling me that Ancestry is available for free at the library - which I think is awesome. Except most of my research impulses hit me really late at night! Lol ...