Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Also of note, Lindemann-wise...

My second great grandmother, Augusta Lindemann Stutzmann, had an older brother, Reinhold, so for fun, I plugged his name into Google (with an unusual name like that, your results are more likely to be related to the person you're looking for...not something I'm ever lucky to experience when I Google myself, and yes, sometimes I do Google myself)... anyway, I got a hit for Reinhold Lindemann along with a mention of his daughter, Elsie, and her two daughters, Ruth and Dorothy Koch. Bingo. Those are all people I already have in my tree. They turned up in an entry for the book "Rising from Rubble: Germany Revisited" by a Kenneth Weaver, about his experiences photographing post-WW II Europe for the US military. Reinhold, Elsie, and Ruth and Dorothy all show up because Kenneth Weaver befriended a Wilbur "Goldy" Goltermann while in the military and Goldy was married to Ruth. Goldy and Ruth introduced Weaver to Ruth's sister, Dorothy, who Weaver eventually ended up marrying. So I thought that was pretty interesting, finding relatives in a book, and being able to add information to my tree - not only Dorothy and Ruth's husbands but the fact that they grew up living with their mother and grandfather, Reinhold, after Reinhold rescued Elsie from her abusive marriage. It's all about rounding out the picture and making these names in my tree living, breathing three-dimensional people.

Anyway, Ruth and Dorothy are (were? I think Dorothy is still alive...) my second cousins twice removed...

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