Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An interesting Lindemann mystery to keep me busy...

...I mean, there are really all sorts of ways I manage to keep myself genealogically busy whenever I'm at a complete impasse on all roads, as I am right now. Today I was doing so by just randomly typing relatives' and ancestors' names into Google and seeing what turned up. It was while I was looking up my 3rd great-grandfather, Casper Lindemann, that I noticed Martin Luther kept turning up as well. So this is what I discovered today - Martin Luther's mother's maiden name was Lindemann and he had a first cousin by the name of Caspar Lindemann. Could there be a connection there? Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany in 1483. My Casper Lindemann was born in Stedtlingen, Germany about 200 kilometers away and about 350 years later. Is it worth making note of? Absolutely. Is it a connection I'll ever be able to make? Who knows. I've only traced the Lindemanns back as far as Casper's parents, Casper Lindemann and Anna Marshal, which only brings me to, at best, the end of the 18th century. But it gives me a genealogical goal to focus on and work toward.


  1. Well HELLO Mary Ellen: I have in front of me an application for social security # by Amanda Lindemann listing her parents as Caspar lindemann and Margaret Voght. These people are related to my husband, John Alzmann. Amanda was John's grandmother. Would you know if there is any connection to the Lindemanns you are investigating? Rumor in John's family is that a relation died on the titanic - NOW we know it was the General Slocum as John said her name was August or Augusta. Donna

    1. Hi Donna, I hope you get this response! Your husband and I are most definitely related! Augusta Lindemann, who is my great-great grandmother, and Amanda Lindemann, were sisters. They had another sister, Hulda, and she is the one who I believe died on the General Slocum. I know a little bit about the Lindemanns, not much, but would love to hear from you and your husband and maybe share with each other our bits of knowledge. I've never connected to anyone from my Lindemann branch, so I'm very excited you found me! If you get this, my e-mail is megorry@gmail.com - look forward to hearing from you!